Main Character: Lone Wanderer: The Lone Wanderer was born on July 13, 2258 to James and Catherine at the Jefferson Memorial, where they worked on Project Purity. Catherine died shortly after giving birth due to complications with childbirth. After this, James chose to leave the project. He fled with the Lone Wanderer and was then able to gain access to Vault 101.

In 2277, 200 years after The Great War, the Lone Wanderer is now 19 years old. His/Her father has disappeared from Vault 101 without any explanation. The young vault dweller, with the help of Amata, leaves the safety of the Vault to look for his/her father in the ruins of Washington, DC. After finding his/her father, Project Purity is put back on track. However, the reunion is cut short when the Enclave demands ownership of the Project. James is unwilling to allow this and, for the sake of humanity, sacrifices himself by filling the control chamber of Project Purity with intense radiation. With his dying breath, he tells his son/daughter to run and escape.

The actions of the Vault 101 Dweller are decided by the player, with the ultimate decision made at the culmination of the game: to sacrifice himself/herself and follow in James’ selfless example; to allow Sentinel Sarah Lyons to activate Project Purity and seemingly be killed by the radiation (It is revealed in Broken Steel that she survives.); to not do anything at all at the site of Project Purity; or to infect the project (and therefore the entire Capital Wasteland) with the canister of modified FEV that the Lone Wanderer receives from President Eden.

With Broken Steel installed, the Lone Wanderer wakes up in the Citadel’s infirmary, 2 weeks after the purifier is started, and goes on to participate in the destruction of the remnants of the Enclave.


The Lone Wanderer can join various factions and organizations in the Capital Wasteland.

* Inhabitant of Vault 101.
* Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel (after the quest Take it Back! in Broken Steel).
* Honorary member of Lyons’ Pride (when starting the quest Take it Back!).
* Member of the Regulators (if Lone Wanderer has the Lawbringer perk).
* Assassin for Littlehorn & Associates (if the Wanderer has the Contract Killer perk).
* Member of Reilly’s Rangers (after the quest Reilly’s Rangers).
* Citizen of either Megaton or Tenpenny Tower (depending on result of the quest: The Power of Atom).
* Collection agent for the Brotherhood Outcasts (after talking with Protector Casdin at Fort Independence).
* De facto Leader of The Pitt (if the Lone Wanderer sided with the Wernher and the slaves).
* Captain of Mothership Zeta (upon completion of the respective Main Questline).
* Eden’s “Instrument of Annihilation” (if player sided with and spared President Eden, and inserted the Modified FEV into Project Purity).
* Slaver (should the player choose to work with the Slavers of Paradise Falls).
* U.S. Army demolition expert (during the Operation Anchorage simulation).
* Slave (during the Unsafe Working Conditions quest and until said quest is finished).
* Member of the Railroad (should he/she deliver the android component to Zimmer in the Replicated Man quest).
* Tunnel Snake (if the Lone Wanderer recruits Butch).
* Mechano-Lad (if the Lone Wanderer sides with The Mechanist during The Superhuman Gambit).
* Owner of Dogmeat (If the Lone Wanderer brings Dogmeat with him from the Scrapyard).
* Lieutenant of The Pitt (if the Lone Wanderer sides with Ashur).
* Tribal of Point Lookout (if the Lone Wanderer sides with Professor Calvert)

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