5 Jul 2013

Dell Mulling Entry Into Wearable Computing Market

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PC giant is currently ‘exploring ideas’ Dell’s CEO Michael Dell is convinced that if the ailing PC giant is to embark on the long, hard road to recovery, it needs to go private and use the ensuing absence of market scrutiny to freely shift its focus to enterprise products, cloud computing and smart devices. While the fate of Michael Dell’s massive $24.4 billion proposed buyout offer still hangs in the balance, the likes of Sam Burd, Dell’s global vice-president of personal computing, are eagerly looking forward to the “transformation.” Burd told the UK’s Guardian that the company is quite keen on venturing into the world of wearable computers , an incipient market that is currently headlined by Google’s Glass head-mounted system, which itself is a $1500 prototype. The wearable computer market is set to explode in the near future, with many big names likely to launch head-mounted displays and smart watches of their own.

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Dell Mulling Entry Into Wearable Computing Market

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