27 Jun 2013

Verizon Going 4G LTE Only, Preparing for LTE-A

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Verizon announced today that starting in late 2014, smartphones released through the carrier would only be compatible with 4G LTE , weaning customers off of the aging 3G network.  This comes on the heels of Verizon’s proclamation that their 4G LTE network has now reached 500 U.S. markets, covers 49 states, and is accessible by 95% of the population. In a recent blog post proclaiming the ubiquity of 4G LTE , Verizon cites statistics predicting that 4G LTE will connect 220 million subscribers and 24 billion devices by 2014.  With 4G LTE service reaching 99% of their existing 3G customers, Verizon considers their rollout of the service largely complete.

Verizon Going 4G LTE Only, Preparing for LTE-A

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