21 Jun 2013

No BS Podcast #205: E3, Ivy Bridge-E, and Those Next-Gen Consoles

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Download the next-generation podcast today! With Mecha-Intern Chris Zele busy battling new challenger intern Julian-Zilla for desk space, the podcast was left to the gang of five staff editors: Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung, Associate Editor Tom McNamara, Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang, Editor-in-Chief Katherine Stevenson, and podcast host/Senior Editor Josh Norem. In episode #205 of the No BS Podcast ,  the crew talks about the huge E3 tradeshow, where Sony and Microsoft fully unveiled their curiously PC-like consoles. Also in the mix: The future of the LGA 2011 socket, and new swear words from Gordon that you can try out on your friends and family! (Note: Maximum PC can not be held responsible for the curse words you say to your friends and family).  Editor’s Picks: Tom:  Dishonored Gordon: Seidio Active Case Josh: Firefox , All India Radio Jimmy: Bioshock Infinite Katherine: Google 2-Step Authentication If you want to catch future episodes, you can: Subscribe on iTunes Fan us on  Facebook Tweet us on Twitter Subscribe to us on Youtube Check out our Windows 8 app in Microsoft’s app store Email us at [email protected] Subscribe to our RSS feed Leave us a voicemail at 877-404-1337 x1337 Thanks for listening! We wouldn’t be here without all of your support! -Maximum PC Staff

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No BS Podcast #205: E3, Ivy Bridge-E, and Those Next-Gen Consoles

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