20 Jun 2013

Interncast Episode #1: Left Behind from E3

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The premier episode of the Interncast Hell might have just frozen over because somehow  Future US  has decided to let the interns from Maximum PC, PC Gamer, Official Xbox magazines create their own explicit podcast! In the 90 minute debut episode of the  Interncast  the crew discusses the games they liked at E3, they talk about the Xbox One and PS4, and wrap it up with what it’s like to be behind the scenes at some of the biggest PC and Gaming magazines in the country. Manning the inaugural episode are Parker Wilhelm ( @parkerwilhelm ) from Official Xbox Magazine , Jake Godin ( @jakegodin ) and Ben Kim ( @benjkim ) from PC Gamer , and host Chris Zele ( @chriszele ) from Maximum PC . Listen as they talk about E3 and detail how they each nabbed their internships

Continued here:
Interncast Episode #1: Left Behind from E3

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