26 Jun 2013

Four Ways to Fuel Inspiration with an Ultrabook

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Being creative is about feeling free to express yourself and being empowered to do it the way you want. Few of us feel creative or empowered when we’re jammed into a cubicle cooking up a spreadsheet.  Sometimes you just need to break the routine to find your inspiration.  Here are four simple ways you can use an Intel inspired Ultrabook™ to keep your mind limber and your ideas flowing. Work in the park .  Let your surroundings enlighten you.  Trees, sky, squirrels, and even pigeons can inspire a starving mind.  A bit of time spent outside can be liberating, refreshing, and eye opening.  Certain Ultrabook systems, like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon , are equipped with 3G connectivity, allowing you to connect to the Web anywhere you have data service through your cell phone carrier.

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Four Ways to Fuel Inspiration with an Ultrabook

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