16 Apr 2013

No Baloney Podcast #200: Epic Videocast Edition

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With video! Today the utmost PC crew has entered an enormous milestone and offer the 200th episode from the No Baloney Podcast ! And since everyone have requested it, this special episode can also be in video format! Yay! Within the epic podcast/videocast, Maximum PC Editor and podcast host Josh Norem invites Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung, Online Controlling Editor Jimmy Thang, and Connect Editor Tom McNamara to go over a multitude of subjects which include: – A brief history from the Maximum PC No Baloney podcast – Our awesome AMD gaming rig giveaway – The Adam Orth always-online Xbox 360 720 debate (Update following a podcast: He’s no more with Microsoft ) – Razer Edge review – Your readers questions – And rants from Gordon! Tell us that which you think about the recording format! If you wish to catch future episodes, you are able to: Subscribe on iTunes Fan us on Facebook Tweet us on Twitter Take a look at our Home windows 8 application in Microsoft’s application store Send us an email at [email protected] Sign up for our Feed Leave us a voicemail message at 877-404-1337 x1337 Thank you for listening each one of these days/several weeks/years! We truly thank you for support! -Maximum PC Staff

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No Baloney Podcast #200: Epic Videocast Edition

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