27 Dec 2011

CyberPowerPC Rolls Out Third Generation Fang III Desktop PCs

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With less than a week to go before the calendar flips to 2012, CyberPowerPC, who is “taking no prisoners to close out the year” by refreshing its Fang desktop gaming PC series. Now in its third generation, the Fang III series consists of the Rattler, Viper, Cobra, and top-of-the-line Black Mamba, each one re-armed with Intel’s second generation Core i processors and fully customizable. “CyberpowerPC’s Fang III gaming PCs ranges from smart and efficient dual core CPUs to the massive hexa-core extreme edition to provide blistering performance and power,” CyberPowerPC said in a statement

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CyberPowerPC Rolls Out Third Generation Fang III Desktop PCs

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