21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – Page 9

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    Walkthrough – Page 9

V. Following In His Footsteps (Continued)

Steps (1) Investigate the nearby town of Megaton for information about Dad. (2) Speak to Colin Moriarty about Dad. (3) Find Galaxy News Radio. (4) Ask Three Dog about Dad.
Items Frag Grenade (x3), Jet, Psycho, Nuka-Cola (x3), Armored Vault 101 Suit, Fork (M), Plunger (M), Shot Glass (M), Spatula, Teddy Bear, Tin Can, Key Ring, Bobby Pin (x3), Empty Whiskey Bottle (M), Whiskey, Wine, Milk Bottle (x2), 10mm Pistol (x2), Chinese Officer’s Sword, Grognak the Barbarian, Bent Tin Can (M), Assorted Plates (M), Empty Soda Bottle (M), Ashtray, Pack of Cigarettes, Knife (M), Salisbury Steak (x2), Coffee Mug (M), Cup (M), Glass Pitcher (M), Coffee Pot (M), Small Scorched Book (M), Small Burned Book (M), Small Ruined Book (M), Large Scorched Book (M), Large Burned Book (M), Large Ruined Book (M), Sugar Bombs (x2), Clipboard (M), Blamco Mac + Cheese (x2), Cram, Iguana Bits (M), Metal Cooking Pot, Dart (x6), 10mm Rounds (x9), Bubble Gum, Earnings Clipboard, Hammer, Cherry Bomb x2, Chinese Pistol, Leather Belt, Railway Spike (x20), Potato Crisp, Carton of Cigarettes (x6), Metro Ticket (x4), Firehose Nozzle (x2), Wonderglue (M), Bottle Cap (x131), Forceps, Medical Brace, Scrap Metal (M), Paint Gun (M), Abraxo Cleaner (x3), Darts (M), Box of Detergent (x2), Turpentine, 5.56mm Rounds (x15), Lawn Mower Blade, Surgical Tubing, Camera (x2), Crutch (x2), Shotgun Shells (x8), Steam Gauge Assembly (x2), 10mm Rounds (x11), Leafblower, Vacuum Cleaner, Dirty Water, Metro Utility Key, Rad-X, RadAway (x2), Stimpak (x4), Nikola Tesla and You, Laser Pistol, Energy Cell (x61), DCTA Laser Firearm Protocol, Purified Water, Laser Rifle, Microfusion Cell (x44), Lying Congressional Style, Bobby Pins, 5mm Rounds (x80), Frag Grenade (x9), Spiked Knuckles, .32 Caliber Rounds (x4), .44 Magnum Rounds (x9), Frag Mines (x4), Microfusion Cells (x33), Missile, Scoped .44 Magnum, Stealth Boy.

When you’ve finally explored all of Megaton, you can head to Moriarty’s Saloon, which is likely the only left-unexplored place in all of Megaton. This is where you’ll continue the main mission and find out more about your dad’s whereabouts. But don’t cut to the chase too quickly. Instead, speak with everyone within the bar. You’ll find a lot of interesting characters if you do. Lucy West, for instance, is a newcomer to Megaton and will offer you a side quest called “Blood Ties”. A shady character named Mister Burke, sitting by himself in the corner of the bar, will appeal to your darker side, asking you to remotely detonate the nuclear device at the center of town. If you’re playing with an evil slant, accept this quest. We, playing good (for the time being), opted not to accept his quest. After all, we already told Sheriff Sims we’d diffuse the bomb at our earliest convenience!

A prostitute named Nova will also talk to your ear off. Money is a tight commodity right now, however, so try to resist the urge to pay her for her services for now. The Ghoulish bartender known as Gob is the next guy you should speak to. You can make fun of his frightening appearance, but if you’re kind to him, he will become quite an ally for you, giving you information and discounts on drinks. His boss, Colin Moriarty, is the man you really want to talk to, however. Upon speaking with Moriarty, you can pay him 100 Caps to tell you where your father went. As far as we can tell, persuasion is not going to work on Moriarty easily, so paying him off for the vital information you seek is probably the best way to go about things. Be sure to pick his brain about anything else you can, as well. He may be a shady character, but he sure as hell knows a lot.

Our next objective, the Galaxy News Radio station, is located east of Megaton. Moriarty suggests that you should go in a southeasterly direction, but that’s not really true at all (after all, the man’s a liar). You’ll want to head east all right — but you’ll want to take a more northeasterly direction from Megaton to reach your destination. Keep in mind that your journey should be much more eastern-leaning than northern-leaning, however. If you’ve already added the Super Duper Mart to your map, however, and can travel there instantly, do so. You’ll cut more than half of your overland trip right out completely. Otherwise, walk east until you reach the Super Duper Mart, which is where we’ll spring off from.

The Super Duper Mart is adjacent to a radioactive river, and while it can be crossed, you will find yourself a nuclear pancake before long if you attempt it. Instead, you have to use the lone in-tact bridge near the mart to cross the river, which should be easy enough for you. If you’ve already been to this location (and chances are you have), then you shouldn’t run into any enemy resistance in the form of strapped Raiders until you cross to the other side of the river. If this isn’t the case, keep your gun drawn and expect enemy encounters out of every corner and piece of rubble you encounter as you head eastward over the bridge.

Once on the other side of the bridge, you’ll want to begin heading southward along the river bank. The destroyed highway next to the river will provide a nice conduit on your southward journey, but keep your gun drawn, because hostile Raiders may be anywhere. We ran into two as soon as we crossed the river, but things were relatively quiet after we put them in their place (and stripped them of all of their belongings). One of them even had a Chinese Pistol, an interesting (albeit weak) item, indeed.

What are you looking for as you head south? Well, you’re not looking for the Galaxy News Radio station, because you can’t easily access it over-ground (though you can try… and you might even survive!) Instead, what you’re looking for is the Farragut West Metro Station, which is south along the river bed on the east side of the river. You’ll run right into it, and it’s hard to miss, but make sure to be ready for battle. There’s a really good chance at least one well-armed Raider is in your vicinity, if not more.

Once in the station, things will be initially quiet. Head forward and look for a closed door to your right, which you can open with immunity. On the other side, you can begin searching the bathroom you encounter, as well as various metal boxes, filing cabinets and the like. You should come up with some interesting items when you do, including a some Metro Tickets, Pre-War Money, two Cartons of Cigarettes, and more. But it’s the computer terminal you can hack that’s likely going to be of the most interest to you.

Approach the computer terminal and hack it — it shouldn’t be too hard for you at all (regrettably, passwords are randomized, so your guess as to the current password on your version of the game is as good as ours). Successfully hacking the device will activate a Protectron, an antiquated pre-war robot designed to, well, protect you. But there’s a caveat, of course. This robot will go forward and kill enemies for you, which is undesirable. After all, he’s stealing precious experience!

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