21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – Page 5

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    Walkthrough – Page 4

IV. Escape! (Continued)

Steps (1) Enter the Overseer’s office. (2) Use the Overseer’s computer to access the secret tunnel. (3) Open the Vault door.
Items Bobby Pin (x15), 10mm Pistol (M), 10mm Rounds (M), BB Gun, BB Rounds (x50), Baseball, Baseball Glove, Baseball Bat, Grognak the Barbarian, Pre-War Baseball Cap, Vault 101 Jumpsuit (M), Vault 101 Utility Jumpsuit (M), Vodka (M), Pencil (M), Shot Glass (M), Radroach Meat (M), Drinking Glass (M), Cup (M), Glass Pitcher (M), Medical Clipboard (M), Clipboard (M), Conductor (x2), Sensor Module (x2), Wonderglue (x2), Turpentine (x2), Scrap Metal, Eyeglasses, Note From Dad, Stimpak (x4), Vault Lab Uniform, Tinted Reading Glasses, Vault 101 Security Armor (M), Vault 101 Security Helmet (M), 5mm Rounds (M), Pre-War Money (M).

As you proceed through the linear vault, following signs for the Atrium, you’ll eventually come to some familiar areas. The classroom, your fathers office, the medical office and the adjoining corridors continue to lead to your ultimate destination. However, you’ll run into Officer Gomez (remember him from your birthday party nine years earlier?) and the engineer named Stanley. Both will turn a blind eye to your presence because of who your father was, which should allow you to proceed unmolested. Keep in mind, however, that you can turn your gun on one of them, but be prepared to fight both of them if you do. If you’re good, you won’t do this, but if you’re playing with an evil twist, what are a few lives?

You’ll run into your friend in the next corridor, and she’ll run away shortly thereafter. Before chasing after her, approach the shelf in the room to the side of the corridor to find a toolbox. Within, grab the Conductor, the Sensor Module, and the Wonderglue. You can also find two vials of Turpentine and some Scrap Metal nearby. After grabbing the goods, get ready to do battle with one or more security officers hostile to your presence (unlike your earlier encounter). Killing one of them will allow you to search their bodies — you should find some Vault 101 Security Armor and a Vault 101 Security Helmet, which should be immediately equipped for a significant defensive boost. You can likely trap two of the guards down a dead end corridor, which should make for easy headshots for you. Be sure to search their bodies for more gear, but most importantly they should be carrying 10mm Rounds, which you should grab to supplement your ammo, which is likely running low by now. Also be prepared to deal with more Radroaches, remembering to not waste precious ammunition on fighting them. A blunt weapon like a Baseball Bat or one of the Police Batons you’ve likely found will do the job nicely.

After having to deal with three well-armed guards (or perhaps you just dodged them), the upcoming encounters will be easy for you. Make sure to use some Radroach Meat if you’re in dire need of health, and then equip the Baseball Bat as you run up the stairs to the next area of the Vault. Here, you’ll encounter more Radroaches, so bash them to death with the Baseball Bat and search their bodies for more of their mildly-curative meat. Then, proceed through what appears to be a computer server area (someone from behind some glass will try to give you away and blame this entire “mess” on you — just keep running). Radroaches are all you have to worry about here. Search a body amongst the servers to find Tinted Reading Glasses. The toolbox next to him will have identical contents to the last one we found — a Conductor, a Sensor Module and some Wonderglue.

Proceeding onward from here, you’ll soon here familiar screams from your distressed friend. She’s being interrogated by a guard and her father, the Overseer! Crouch down and quietly and carefully approach the doorway. Aim your gun at the head of the guard (not the Overseer) and do him in with a quick bullet to the skull. Then, take out the defenseless Overseer. Search both of their corpses for valuables. The guard will have nothing of value, but quite the contrary is true for the Overseer. On his body, you should find the Overseer’s Office Key, the Overseer’s Terminal Password, and three Stimpacks. With these new valuables in hand, we can continue, but not before grabbing the Pre-War Money and myriad 10mm Ammo from the lockers and desk drawers in the room. You’ll also find 5 mm Rounds, but there’s not much we can do with that right now.

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