21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – Page 4

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    Walkthrough – Page 4

IV. Escape!

Steps (1) Enter the Overseer’s office. (2) Use the Overseer’s computer to access the secret tunnel. (3) Open the Vault door.
Items Bobby Pin (x15), 10mm Pistol (M), 10mm Rounds (M), BB Gun, BB Rounds (x50), Baseball, Baseball Glove, Baseball Bat, Grognak the Barbarian, Pre-War Baseball Cap, Vault 101 Jumpsuit (M), Vault 101 Utility Jumpsuit (M), Vodka (M), Pencil (M), Shot Glass (M), Radroach Meat (M), Drinking Glass (M), Cup (M), Glass Pitcher (M), Medical Clipboard (M), Clipboard (M), Conductor (x2), Sensor Module (x2), Wonderglue (x2), Turpentine (x2), Scrap Metal, Eyeglasses, Note From Dad, Stimpak (x4), Vault Lab Uniform, Tinted Reading Glasses, Vault 101 Security Armor (M), Vault 101 Security Helmet (M), 5mm Rounds (M), Pre-War Money (M).

As soon as this mission begins, your friend Amata will stir you awake suddenly. An alarm is buzzing frantically, and your friend seems nervous. She’ll tell you that things have gone wrong. The Overseer and his goons are on a rampage. They’ve killed Jonas, and your father James has left the Vault completely, something nobody does, and something that no one seems realistically capable to even do in the first place. Scared for your safety, your friend hands over ten Bobby Pins with which to pick locks, a 10mm Pistol to protect yourself with, and thirty-six 10mm Rounds with which to load the firearm with. Then, giving you further instructions, she thereafter heads off.

You’ll hear scurrying outside of your bedroom, but you should take the time to first explore your bedroom. On your desk, you’ll find your BB Gun and fifty BB Rounds, as well as a Baseball, Baseball Glove, and most importantly out of the three related items, a Baseball Bat. Also check your dresser, which will contain Grognak the Barbarian, a Pre-War Baseball Cap, two Vault 101 Jumpsuits and a Vault 101 Utility Jumpsuit. Before heading out of your bedroom, be sure to equip the baseball hat and the utility jumpsuit for some minor statistical boosts, as well as the pistol. Why? Well, the latter will be used to slay the lone security officer outside of your room that’s being attacked by bugs. Make sure to aim for the head for a quick kill.

As you proceed, you’ll encounter some bathrooms and more empty corridors. There’s nothing of any interest in the corridors or the bathrooms, that is until you run into your old “friend” Butch. Butch is freaking out because his mother is under attack by Radroaches. You can choose to do something about it or do nothing about it; that’s the inherent beauty of a game like Fallout 3. What did we choose to do? Well after giving Butch a hard time, we agreed to help his mom. As he ran back towards her, we then put a bullet in the back of his head, killing him instantly. Hey — we haven’t forgotten the abuse from our childhood. But you can choose to do whatever you want!

Approach the two rooms where Butch and his mom were staying. If you arrive in time, you can save the woman from her attackers, but we let her die. We then turned our ire on the Radroaches themselves (use a Baseball Bat for easy kills on these foes). Then, do a thorough exploration of the room to find all sorts of useless items, like Vodka and a Pencil. Grab everything, including the Radroach Meat from the slain enemies. You never know what you’re going to need once you’re outside, that’s for sure! The same can be said for the kitchen you arrive at. After killing the Radroaches easily with the Baseball Bat and grabbing their dropped meat, you can grab everything from Glass Pitchers to Drinking Glasses to Cups. Grab it all. You can sell it later.

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