21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – Page 3

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III. Future Imperfect

Steps (1) Get to class and talk to Mr. Brotch about the G.O.A.T. (2) Sit down and take the G.O.A.T. (3) Turn in the G.O.A.T. to Mr. Brotch. (4) Exit the classroom.
Items Paint Gun, Scrap Metal, Wonderglue, Coffee Mug (M), Clipboard (M), Medical Clipboard (M), Bonesaw, Forceps (M), Tweezers (M), Stimpack, Scissors, Scalpel, Empty Syringe.

Flash-forward a few years, and you’re now sixteen years of age. It’s that time for all young dwellers of Vault 101 — time to take the G.O.A.T. G.O.A.T. stands for Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test, and is taken by all sixteen year olds in order to determine what job they will shortly thereafter assume for the good of the Vault community. Reluctant, your character should be asking James many questions. This is the first time you’ll be able to really press a character for information, so make sure to ask James all applicable questions before heading on your way to the test.

You’ll likely run into Jonas on the way out of the medical facility, so be sure to speak with him before heading on your way (you may even want to peek in on his appointment with an ill Vault dweller). Otherwise, there are myriad items that can be found here. If you want to grab the goods from the desk drawer, the medical table and other places, you can, but they’re relatively useless at this point in the game. We won’t even list them all here — pretty much any item listed in the collection above is found in the room adjacent to your dad’s office. Thereafter, you can head outside of the medical facility and head rightward to find your friend being bullied by some familiar faces.

These familiar faces, led by none other than the bane of your existence Butch are picking on your friend Alana. You can handle this situation in a number of ways, from picking on her yourself to fist fighting the three guys into submission and everything in between. Either way, to get the full effect, you’ll want to first speak to Butch’s cohorts and then speak to him last. If you want to fight them, egg them on. This is the option we chose, and by running around and nailing them with some stray punches, the fight ended before long. What’s more, your friend will be most thankful for your help. In anycase, solve the problem how you want… or not at all.

When you arrive at the classroom, which is adjacent to where you ran into your friend being bullied by the fierce Tunnel Snakes, the teacher will greet you and ask you to take your seat. Do so, and the G.O.A.T. will begin. These ten seemingly-random questions (okay… completely random questions) are aimless, and it doesn’t really matter how you answer in the long run, so say what you want on each question. The final question will no doubt get your goat (excuse the pun), but try to answer each to the best of your ability.

When the test has concluded, get up and talk to your fellow classmates. If you did this before you took the exam, then they won’t have anything different to say. Walk your test up to the front of the room and talk to the teacher, who will grade you right there (as well as any other pupils who hand him the test first). He’ll tell you flat-out that the test means nothing, and is useless. Nonetheless, he’ll give you your occupation and tell you that he’ll change it for you if you want. This is when the skills page will show up. You can take the three bonuses you receive and put them on any of the thirteen skills to increase those three skills significantly. Thereafter, you can leave the classroom, at which point this segment will end.

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