21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – Page 24

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    Walkthrough – Page 24

VIII. Tranquility Lane

Steps (1) Find Dad. (2) Find and speak to Betty. (3) Make Timmy Neusbaum cry. (4) Report back to Betty. (5) Break up the Rockwells’ marriage, without killing either of them. (6) Report back to Betty. (7) Arrange a creative death for Mabel Henderson. (8) Report back to Betty. (9) Retrieve the mask and knife from behind the Abandoned House. (10) Kill all the residents of Tranquility Lane. (11) Report back to Betty. (12) Exit Tranquility Lane. (13) Talk to Dad.

Items None.

Just what the hell is going on here!? Why, you’re in virtual reality, of course! Welcome to Tranquility Lane, a rather ingenious creation for nuclear survivors to live happily in lives they once knew. But you’re not here to enjoy yourself, and you’re not here to make friends. You’re here to get to the bottom of what’s going on, and to find your father. Feel free to take a few minutes to explore, talking to whomever you want and entering whatever house you’d like. Most everyone has nice things to say and are enjoying life. This is a real Leave It To Beaver moment, we know. And PLEASE, don’t e-mail us about the alternate route. As the box below indicates, there is a good karma way through. We cover the bad karma route here.

After putting up this section of the guide, we received massive amounts of e-mail from you guys, the readers. Therefore, please keep in mind that our detailed walkthrough for this section is considered the “evil” way of doing it. To accomplish this part of the game without losing any karma, it’s actually easy. Head to the “abandoned house” in the simulation. Here, you’ll find five items in the house that must be activated in a certain order (listen for the chimes when the item is activated to see if you’re doing it in the right order or not). Once activated properly, a computer will reveal itself. Activate the computer program when prompted to do so, and a communist invasion of the simulation will occur, killing everyone within for you, allowing you to ultimately escape with unharmed karma.

Ultimately, however, you’ll find that no one has any idea where your father is, and what’s more, you seem trapped in this virtual reality. That’s where a little girl named Betty comes into play, because you need to find Betty and speak with her. She can be found at the center of the circular neighborhood in a simple playground. Upon speaking with her, she’ll show you how bossy she can be, and demand that you play a game with her. There’s simply no way around it, you have to agree. And this is when she asks you to make her playmate, Timmy, cry. (If you refuse, you have to figure out a Betty-less way to get out of here, which is possible, but far less fun).

There are a few ways to make Timmy cry, but the easiest (and most sickly rewarding) way is to kill his mother. Timmy’s family’s house is the one with the lemonade stand in front of it. Head into the house, simply letting yourself in, and seek out Timmy’s mom. Then, with your fists, do her in, chasing her around the house as she screams for mercy. This may be sick, but it’s necessary (though you can find more subtle ways to make Timmy cry if you must). When you’ve done the deed, report back to Betty, who will allow you to ask her one question before the game continues. That’s when you realize she isn’t a little girl at all, but is instead being controlled by an unknown man named Dr. Stanislaus Braun.

Braun asks you next to break up the otherwise happy marriage of the Rockwells. But, you can’t kill them, so you need to figure out another way to do it. The Rockwells’ house is a house without a fence in front of it, with a slightly-overgrown yard, trees in the front, and a gnome on the small concrete stoop. Enter the house and speak with the Rockwells. You can pry some about their marriage, but they won’t be too happy about it. But now that you’ve introduced yourself to them, it’s time to break up their happy marriage. Sorry folks, it has to be done.

Again, there are a few ways this can be done, but this is what we did. Leave the Rockwells’ residence and, while facing it, look to your left. The neighboring house there is the Simpson household. Enter the house, and head on upstairs into the master bedroom. Examine the queen-sized bed there, and you’ll discover some underwear. Grab these undergarments and run back outside and head into the Rockwell’s residence once more. Go into the basement of the house, approach the desk in the corner, and examine it to place the underwear on it. Where are we going with this?

Once the underwear is on the desk, head upstairs and tell Mrs. Rockwell that you saw something in the basement she needs to see. While she’s curious what you were doing in the basement, you can insist that she come downstairs with you and check out what’s down there. She agrees. Go back into the basement and Mrs. Rockwell will automatically be in pursuit. Approach the desk and go through the motions, telling her that Mr. Rockwell is either cheating, or insinuating that he could be a cross-dresser. Either way, Mrs. Rockwell is distressed, running upstairs, out of the house and gone seemingly forever. The distressed Mr. Rockwell will have no idea what hit him!

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