21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – Page 22

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    Walkthrough – Page 22

VII. Scientific Pursuits (Continued)

Steps (1) Gain entrance to Rivet City. (2) Talk to Doctor Li about Dad and Project Purity. (3) Look for Dad in Project Purity’s Control Room. (4) Search Dad’s holotapes for clues to his location. (5) Listen to Dad’s personal journal entry 10. (6) Gain access to Vault 112. (7) Put on a Vault 112 suit. (8) Sit in the unoccupied “Tranquility Lounger”.

Items Psycho, 10mm Rounds (M), RadAway (x3), Bobby Pin, Dirty Water (M), Stimpak (x3), Toy Car, Beer (x2), Whiskey (M), Jet, Duck and Cover, Mirelurk Meat (M), Radroach Meat (M), Mentats, Milk Bottle (x2), Shotgun Shells (M), Buffout, Dandy Boy Apples (x3), Toaster, Fancy Boy Snack Cakes, Blamco Mac and Cheese (x2), Cutting Board (M), Vodka (M), Med-X (x2), Surgical Tubing, Rad-X, Nuka-Cola (M), 5mm Rounds (M), Carton of Cigarettes (x2), Paperweight, Plunger (M), Baseball, Ashtray (M), Sledgehammer (x2), Conductor (x2), Scrap Metal (M), 5.56mm Rounds (M), .32 Pistol (x2), .32mm Rounds (M), Pork N Beans (x3), Cup (M), Plate (M), Metal Cooking Pan, Metal Cooking Pot (x2), Spatula, InstaMash (x4), Medical Clipboard (M), Clipboard (M), Earnings Clipboard (M), Hot Plate (x3), Pencil (M), Pack of Cigarettes (x2), Wonderglue (x2), Better Days, Large Whiskey Bottle, 10mm Pistol, Rake, Iron, Hammer, Wrench, Bonesaw, Tweezers (x2), Scissors (x2), Empty Syringe (x2), Forceps (x2), Fission Battery (x3), Assault Rifle, Electron Charge Pack (M), Laser Rifle, Microfusion Cell (M), Energy Cell (M), Railway Spikes (x6), Bloodpak, Chessboard, Motorcycle Handbrake, Purified Water, Chinese Pistol, Paint Gun (x2), Turpentine (x2).

We won’t give you directions on how to navigate this area, because it’s dark, dank and a little bit confusing, and that will just complicate the issue even more. It’s hard to get completely lost (generally, stairs leading up will indicate that you’re heading back towards the memorial, while you’ll be heading deeper into the basement by going down stairs). Goods to grab are many — valuable medical equipment like Forceps, Tweezers and Empty Syringes should be grabbed. Foodstuffs like InstaMash and Dandy Boy Apples can be found. And plenty of weapons and ammunition, from 10mm Rounds and .32 Caliber Rounds to 5.56mm Rounds can also be found. But it’s the Project Purity Project Journals you find strewn about (in entries) that will be of the utmost interest to you. You don’t have to grab these, but they will shed plenty of light on what went on with Project Purity, and what went wrong.

You’re probably swamped with goods now (and experience, too!), which is a good thing, of course. Head back up and leave the basement, and re-traverse the square-shaped corridor, looking for a door that leads to the memorial’s rotunda. Have your gun drawn, because there are at least two Super Mutants, one of them a Brute, that will be waiting for you on the circular rotunda. Down both of these enemies, searching their bodies for any goods they may have (you should have a plethora of Frag Grenades at this point, just from searching their bodies). Then, seek out a staircase leading to the office above.

The office above, surprisingly well-lit and in good order, will have more entries from the Project Purity Project Journals, similar to the ones we found down in the memorial’s basement. However, the key entry, Entry 10, can be found up here. Once you find it, head into your inventory via Pip-Boy and give the entry a listen to find out where your dad has gone to. It appears he’s gone to a place similar to Vault 101, called Vault 112. Vault 112 is located far to the west of Megaton, so once you are ready, head outside and teleport instantaneously to Megaton. It’s time to head overland to Vault 112.

Vault 112 is on your map, and it’s due west of Megaton, so it’s going to be a lengthy and laborious overland route that you’ll be forced to take to get there (unless, of course, you have a place closer to it to teleport from, which you probably don’t at this point in the game). There’s some good news and bad news about this adventure. The good news is that, while you’ll run into plenty of enemies on your westward journey, most of them won’t be difficult for you to kill at all. The bad news? There’s a new enemy you’ll encounter at least once en route to Vault 112, and it’s a variety you’ve yet encountered. And yes, it’s a powerful enemy, indeed!

Expect to encounter plenty of Mole Rats, Bloatflies, and Radscorpions as you go. Radscorpions might give you a minor problem, but Mole Rats and Bloatflies are amongst the weakest foes in the game, so kill them for easy (yet scant) experience. For some reason, there might also be Protectrons roaming around the Wasteland, so lay into them when you encounter them as well (and search their metallic bodies for laser ammunition once slain). If you happen to run into a Super Mutant, you’re lucky, because their easy experience is welcome right now. Running into one of them is guaranteed, though — they don’t often roam on the western edge of the Wasteland.

Now, we’ll tell you a bit about the daunting new enemy you’re likely to run into. These foes are called Mr. Gutsy, and from what we can tell, these robots are American Army leftovers that still manage to function and roam the Wasteland looking for communist enemies that don’t seem to exist anymore. So, when you run into them, they’ll turn their red ire on you instead. Mr. Gutsy isn’t an agile floating robot, but he packs a whallop, with a flamethrower and laser gun able to easily devastate unsuspecting victims. They can also take an intense amount of damage before they are felled, but luckily the experience points make it all worth it. Also making it worth it are the items the two we encountered were guarding. The first one you’ll likely encounter near a downed army truck contains some Cigarettes, as well as two Fission Batteries, and plenty of 5.56mm Rounds.

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