21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – Page 2

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    Walkthrough – Page 2

II. Growing Up Fast

Steps (1) Enjoy the party and speak with the guests. (2) Meet Jonas on the Reactor Level. (3) Shoot all three targets with the BB Gun. (4) Use the BB Gun to kill the Radroach. (5) Stand next to Dad so Jonas can take the picture.
Items Pip-Boy 3000, Grognak the Barbarian, Sweetroll, Kid’s Baseball Hat, A Birthday Poem, BB Gun.

Now, you’ll be fast-forwarded to nine years later, to your tenth birthday. This is when you’ll really get to explore some commands, including the integral art of making choices. After receiving your Pip-Boy 3000 from the Vault’s Overseer (which will play an integral role in your survival as the game progresses outside of Vault 101), you’ll get to talk to everyone who is attending your birthday party. This is when the choices you make will begin to alter who you are and who you will become (though not nearly as much now as later). Take this time to get used to some controls, moving your character around, as mentioned earlier (and most importantly), talking to characters in the best way you deem fit.

There are a few things you want to make sure to do (though the game will compel you to do most of these things right off the bat). Your good friend will give you Grognak the Barbarian, a comic book. The old woman will hand over a Sweetroll. Your dad’s friend will hand over a Kid’s Baseball Hat, and an adult female will hand over A Birthday Poem. When you’ve spoken to everyone, made your choices, acquired the above items and feel satisfied, approach your father after he speaks to an unknown man through the intercom. Then, follow him as he heads towards the Reactor Level, where a secret present awaits.

The route to the Reactor Level is a pretty linear one. Any doors you encounter you won’t be able to unlock, so it’s all about following the corridors to some stairs that leads down further into the Vault. As an aside, if you find stairs leading upward, you’ll find the Overseer talking some smack about you to one of his trusted guards before going on his way (though the guard will be friendly enough to you). When you finally reach the Reactor Level, you’ll run into James’s friend Jonas, who will tell you to wait just a moment for your father to arrive.

When your father finally arrives, the gig is up — he and Jonas managed to get enough material together to refurbish an old BB Gun for you, which they subsequently hand over. Answer Jonas and James however you want, and when they bring you to the shooting gallery they set up for you, again speak to Jonas and James before approaching the crate that marks where you’re supposed to stand. Shoot the three targets shown, and then shoot (many times) the Radroach that appears. Once he’s slain, all you have to do is stand next to James and Jonas takes a picture to mark this special occasion.

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