21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – Page 19

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    Walkthrough – Page 19

VII. Scientific Pursuits

Steps (1) Gain entrance to Rivet City. (2) Talk to Doctor Li about Dad and Project Purity. (3) Look for Dad in Project Purity’s Control Room. (4) Search Dad’s holotapes for clues to his location. (5) Listen to Dad’s personal journal entry 10. (6) Gain access to Vault 112. (7) Put on a Vault 112 suit. (8) Sit in the unoccupied “Tranquility Lounger”.

Items Psycho, 10mm Rounds (M), RadAway (x3), Bobby Pin, Dirty Water (M), Stimpak (x3), Toy Car, Beer (x2), Whiskey (M), Jet, Duck and Cover, Mirelurk Meat (M), Radroach Meat (M), Mentats, Milk Bottle (x2), Shotgun Shells (M), Buffout, Dandy Boy Apples (x3), Toaster, Fancy Boy Snack Cakes, Blamco Mac and Cheese (x2), Cutting Board (M), Vodka (M), Med-X (x2), Surgical Tubing, Rad-X, Nuka-Cola (M), 5mm Rounds (M), Carton of Cigarettes (x2), Paperweight, Plunger (M), Baseball, Ashtray (M), Sledgehammer (x2), Conductor (x2), Scrap Metal (M), 5.56mm Rounds (M), .32 Pistol (x2), .32mm Rounds (M), Pork N Beans (x3), Cup (M), Plate (M), Metal Cooking Pan, Metal Cooking Pot (x2), Spatula, InstaMash (x4), Medical Clipboard (M), Clipboard (M), Earnings Clipboard (M), Hot Plate (x3), Pencil (M), Pack of Cigarettes (x2), Wonderglue (x2), Better Days, Large Whiskey Bottle, 10mm Pistol, Rake, Iron, Hammer, Wrench, Bonesaw, Tweezers (x2), Scissors (x2), Empty Syringe (x2), Forceps (x2), Fission Battery (x3), Assault Rifle, Electron Charge Pack (M), Laser Rifle, Microfusion Cell (M), Energy Cell (M), Railway Spikes (x6), Bloodpak, Chessboard, Motorcycle Handbrake, Purified Water, Chinese Pistol, Paint Gun (x2), Turpentine (x2).

Getting to Rivet City isn’t easy. If you’ve managed to find this place already on your own, by rampant exploration, then good for you. If that’s your situation, all you have to do is teleport there to get to the next leg of this mission (you’ll also want to skip several paragraphs down to where you need to be). If that’s not you, however, then you’re going to want to instantly teleport to an area on the east side of the Potomac River; preferably a place known as the Tepid Sewers (if you’ve done the Wasteland Survival Guide quest for Moira Brown back at Megaton, this place should be on your map — it’s right next to the Anchorage War Memorial). From here, you’ll want to head south alongside the river, which will ultimately bring you to Rivet Town. Not before you run into a whole lot of other crap first, though.

We’re assuming you teleported to the Tepid Sewers/Anchorage War Memorial area. Go south. The first thing you’ll likely run into is a small Raider outpost. Kill the weak Raiders, raid their gear (pardon the pun), and then grab the ridiculous amount of stuff they’ve been hording in their setup. Basically every kind of medicine (from Stimpaks and Jet to Psycho and Buffout) can be found here, as well as plenty of liquor, especially Whiskey. Grab everything you can here and then proceed southward until you reach an area called Dukov’s Place. This will be added to your map; head back to Megaton instantly at this point to sell everything you grabbed from the Raider outpost. Rest up, and then return to Dukov’s Place instantly to proceed.

Proceeding southward, you’ll shortly come to a bridge with a scavenger hiding underneath. You can trade with this person, but we opted to kill her, take all of her goods and sell them back at Megaton before teleporting back to Dukov’s Place and continuing. You can handle that how you want, however. Things will be relatively quiet from here until you reach a mostly-destroyed building with a few Super Mutants on it. You’ll also run into lesser enemies known as Centaurs (you’ve likely fought these creatures before). You can kill what you want, or you can just run along, killing anyone that follows you. Of course, it’s the blatantly-obvious Jefferson Memorial ahead that’s a good indicator as to whether you’re headed in the right direction or not.

The Jefferson Memorial, the large dome that you should see on your left as you proceed southward, is a converted building. That is to say, something is very clearly going on within, but for now, we’re not too worried about that. What we are worried about is taking out the few Super Mutants running around the place causing a panic. Thankfully, all but one or two should be scantly equipped with Nailboards, so killing them should be an exercise in ease at this point in the game. Comb their bodies for anything interesting, but don’t proceed southward from here. Rather, you’ll want to walk along the metal catwalks around the far end of the memorial (more Mutants may be waiting for you, so be ready), towards the large aircraft carrier ahead. That’s right — this is Rivet City, the settlement Three Dog told you about.

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