21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – Page 18

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    Walkthrough – Page 18

VI. Galaxy News Radio (Continued)

Steps (1) Find the Museum of Technology. (2) Retrieve the Communications Relay Dish. (3) Find the Washington Monument. (4) Repair the damaged radio relay. (5) Speak to Three Dog about dad.

Items Purified Water (x2), Stimpak (x7), Firehose Nozzle (x2), Nuka Cola (M), Earnings Clipboard (M), Clipboard (M), Various Books (M), Cup (M), Bottle Caps (M), 10mm Rounds (M), .32 Caliber Rounds (x13), Milk Bottle (x2), Tin Can (M), Bent Tin Can (M), Empty Soda Bottle (M), Steam Gauge Assembly, Whiskey (M), Energy Cell (x26), .308 Caliber Rounds (x10), Missile (x10), Med-X, Psycho, Jet, Buffout, Scotch (x2), Rad-X, Dirty Water (x2), Blood Pack (x2), Flamer Fuel (x84), Dart (M), Railway Spikes (x19), Carton of Cigarettes, Pre-War Money, 5.56mm Rounds (x43), Assault Rifle (x3), 10mm Pistol, Frag Grenade (x2), Fancy Lads Snack Cakes (x2), Stealth Boy (x3), Camera, Pre-War Casualwear, Dirty Pre-War Businesswear, Nuka-Cola Quantum, RadAway, Hammer, Wrench, Shotgun Shell (x12), Metro Ticket, Pack of Cigarettes (x2), Tire Iron, Plunger (M), Conductor, Pool Set, Pool Cue, Baseball, Medical Brace, Sensor Module, Scrap Metal (M), Paint Gun, Sledgehammer, Pork N Beans, Wonderglue (x3), Chinese Assault Rifle.

When you’re ready to leave, you’re going to have to go back the way you came (there’s another door near the Lunar Lander, but we were unable to open it right now). As long as you killed all of the Super Mutant variants in the museum, you should be able to get all the way back to the entrance without much of an issue. Explore any other areas that you didn’t yet check out en route back to the entrance. When you reach the entrance, head back outside and get ready for the final leg of our mission.

Now, you’re going to have to do battle with a load of Super Mutants on the final leg of our journey. How many Super Mutants you have to deal with depends entirely on how many you’ve already killed in this area. If you took our advice earlier and eliminated a bunch before entering the Museum of Science, than you shouldn’t immediately have your hands full until you begin to head towards the Washington Monument (which is the tallest point left in the city, and can be found to your left once you leave the museum). But if you just ran into the museum without dealing with any Super Mutants first, now’s when you’re going to have to do so.

As you run towards the Washington Monument, the going is tough. Trenches line the entire area, either a remnant of a pre-nuclear ground war or a creation of the Brotherhood of Steel or their Super Mutant foes. Regardless of their origination, the fact remains that you’ll need to traverse these trenches (don’t stay above ground, you’re a moving target for the Super Mutants’ miniguns if you do). Be careful as you rove around. The Super Mutants are aggressive and well-armed, and there are booby-traps in the form of tripwires and mines in the trenches as well. When you finally reach the base of the Washington Monument, you’ll run into the Brotherhood of Steel, who will help you clean up any residuals as you enter the Monument’s outer gate.

Once within the Washington Monument, there’s little to see. The golden elevator at the far end of the monument is still in working condition, surprisingly, and you can take it to the roof. Once up there, examine the archaic radio equipment to place the Virgo II dish atop it. Suddenly, Galaxy News Radio has its former range again. You can find plenty of 10mm Ammunition on the roof apart from the radio array, but other than that, there’s nothing else to see. Instantly teleport back to the Galaxy News Radio building when you’re ready. It’s time to wrap this mission up.

When you reach the GNR building, head all the way back up to Three Dog’s office, where you can speak with him. Tell him the deed is done, and you can then press him for more information on your father’s whereabouts. What do you find out? Well, you find out that your dad (who Three Dog considers a good man) went to Rivet City. And at Rivet City, your dad was seeking out someone named Doctor Li. Now you know where you need to go next. And that, my friends, wraps this mission up. Good work!

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