21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – Page 11

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    Walkthrough – Page 11

V. Following In His Footsteps (Continued)

Steps (1) Investigate the nearby town of Megaton for information about Dad. (2) Speak to Colin Moriarty about Dad. (3) Find Galaxy News Radio. (4) Ask Three Dog about Dad.
Items Frag Grenade (x3), Jet, Psycho, Nuka-Cola (x3), Armored Vault 101 Suit, Fork (M), Plunger (M), Shot Glass (M), Spatula, Teddy Bear, Tin Can, Key Ring, Bobby Pin (x3), Empty Whiskey Bottle (M), Whiskey, Wine, Milk Bottle (x2), 10mm Pistol (x2), Chinese Officer’s Sword, Grognak the Barbarian, Bent Tin Can (M), Assorted Plates (M), Empty Soda Bottle (M), Ashtray, Pack of Cigarettes, Knife (M), Salisbury Steak (x2), Coffee Mug (M), Cup (M), Glass Pitcher (M), Coffee Pot (M), Small Scorched Book (M), Small Burned Book (M), Small Ruined Book (M), Large Scorched Book (M), Large Burned Book (M), Large Ruined Book (M), Sugar Bombs (x2), Clipboard (M), Blamco Mac + Cheese (x2), Cram, Iguana Bits (M), Metal Cooking Pot, Dart (x6), 10mm Rounds (x9), Bubble Gum, Earnings Clipboard, Hammer, Cherry Bomb x2, Chinese Pistol, Leather Belt, Railway Spike (x20), Potato Crisp, Carton of Cigarettes (x6), Metro Ticket (x4), Firehose Nozzle (x2), Wonderglue (M), Bottle Cap (x131), Forceps, Medical Brace, Scrap Metal (M), Paint Gun (M), Abraxo Cleaner (x3), Darts (M), Box of Detergent (x2), Turpentine, 5.56mm Rounds (x15), Lawn Mower Blade, Surgical Tubing, Camera (x2), Crutch (x2), Shotgun Shells (x8), Steam Gauge Assembly (x2), 10mm Rounds (x11), Leafblower, Vacuum Cleaner, Dirty Water, Metro Utility Key, Rad-X, RadAway (x2), Stimpak (x4), Nikola Tesla and You, Laser Pistol, Energy Cell (x61), DCTA Laser Firearm Protocol, Purified Water, Laser Rifle, Microfusion Cell (x44), Lying Congressional Style, Bobby Pins, 5mm Rounds (x80), Frag Grenade (x9), Spiked Knuckles, .32 Caliber Rounds (x4), .44 Magnum Rounds (x9), Frag Mines (x4), Microfusion Cells (x33), Missile, Scoped .44 Magnum, Stealth Boy.

A keen eye will notice that when heading left down the tunnel, graffiti on the wall indicates that Galaxy News Radio (or “GNR” — not Guns ‘N Roses) is in a certain direction. These wall markings will prove to be integral in getting you through the otherwise convoluted, dark and confusing DC Underground towards your destination. Keep your gun drawn as you approach this graffiti, however! Feral Ghouls and their stronger friends might just be around the next corner. And of course, you’ll want to ransack the Nuka-Cola machine for its wares, as well.

You’re almost back outside, where we can finally head towards the radio station. But you’re not clear of danger yet! Proceeding forward, you’ll run into more Ghouls, likely, and your first Super Mutant as well. These are strong enemies — the strongest you’ve yet faced in your short experience with the game thusfar — and you’ll want to launch your attack on them from afar. If you have an Assault Rifle, equip it. Then, stand as far back as you can (Super Mutants can’t see very far, so you can get relatively close, much closer than you could a Raider, for instance) and open fire without using VATS. As the foe realizes where you are and runs towards you, you can continue to bust him open with some machinegun fire and ultimately go into VATS for some headshots when he gets nice and close. Be sure to examine his dead body before proceeding, since you never know what such a powerful enemy might be holding on his person.

From here, you should have no issues getting out of dodge. Head into the wide open room (which was, pre-war, the train platform) and go up the broken escalators to the area above. You can then proceed down the linear corridor all the way to the entrance/exit of the train station. Be aware that you’ll likely run into more Feral Ghouls en route, as well as some weaker enemies, such as Radroaches. Remember that for the aforementioned lesser foes, you should be using melee weapons so you can save precious ammunition. And remember, once outside, the new train station will be added to your map. Quickly travel (instantaneously) back to Megaton, where you can sell the myriad goods you’ve collected for precious caps. This will also allow you to release much of your encumbrance (so you can grab more goods later) and repair your gear before heading to the radio station itself.

Once you’ve done that, teleport back to Friendship Station. This will launch you outside, where a melee will almost certainly begin immediately with a group of Raiders who have made their home at the entrance/exit of the station. Thankfully, once you clear this area of foes, you will be able to pick apart their settlement (which doesn’t have much of interest, honestly), and more importantly, utilize their beds for your own use. Sleep as long as you want here — once cleared, no Raider reinforcements should show up. You should be in the clear. Just be sure to pick apart their corpses for goods you may need!

Now, we don’t have to be up here right now, but it’s worth it to do some exploration. Ultimately, you’re going to want to return to Friendship Station and head back underground to the only other unexplored area, which leads to Chevy Chase North. This station is right near the radio station, but unfortunately the ridiculous amounts of debris makes getting there via an aboveground conduit impossible. Subterranean routes are all the rage! Nonetheless, explore the vicinity around Friendship Station. You’re likely to run into some tough foes, the most annoying of which are the Super Mutants and their stronger brethren, Super Mutant Brutes. The bright side to killing these pesky foes? Well, they’re worth a good amount of experience, and their Miniguns prove to be the most valuable and powerful weapon you’ve yet acquired! Be sure to grab them. Multiples are good — you can sell them later.

If your back is facing Friendship Station, you’ll want to explore both to your right and to your left. To your right, you’ll find a weapons depot. Don’t bother breaching it yet, but add it to your map and kill the Protectrons guarding them for experience and their valuable laser ammunition. In the other direction, you’ll run into more Super Mutants, as well as bug-like enemies called Centaurs. The latter foes shouldn’t be underestimated, as they’re both agile and aggressive. However, on this side you should find some weapons and aid items amongst the debris. We found Stimpaks, a Mini Nuke, some Dirty Water and Purified Water, Frag Grenades and more. Your findings might differ, but either way, once both routes are explored and enemies are expelled on both fronts, you’ll want to head back to Friendship Station. It’s a good idea to be at level five before heading back down.

Once back in the tunnel via Friendship Station, things should be quiet. You’ve likely killed most — if not all — of the enemies roving around the tunnels during your previous excursion, so it will be a quick trip. Even if there are some residuals, you should have very, very little trouble (if any) killing them. Just explore the only tunnel you’ve yet to explore from Friendship Station, so as to not backtrack. This will before long bring you to a nearly-identical setup to Friendship Station. You’ll find broken escalators leading upward, and then a tunnel leading back to the surface. Sure, the two stations are really close to one another, but the fact still remains — there’s no way to get to Chevy Chase North from Friendship Station unless you do it underground.

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