21 Apr 2010

Walkthrough – The First Page

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    Walkthrough – Page 1

I. Baby Steps

Steps (1) Walk to Dad. (2) Open the playpen’s gate. (3) Exit the playpen. (4) Look at the “You’re SPECIAL!” book. (5) Follow Dad.
Items None.

After a rather disturbing introductory sequence opens up your eyes to the alternate reality future of the United States in the year 2077, you’re suddenly thrust to the year 2277. But not before reliving the nineteen years prior in a series of flashback sequences that won’t only introduce you to your character, but allow you to customize him (or her) in any way you desire. After choosing your sex, you’ll be able to choose a name and customize the way your character looks. Spend as little or as much time as you want with these features, remembering that the choices you make here will affect the way you look and your character’s name for the rest of your experience with Fallout 3.

There’s not much you can do as an infant; the game knows this, of course, and speeds forward to a year later. Your character’s dad, whose name is James, leaves you alone in your playpen while he goes off to run a quick errand. Of course, being the little explorer that you are, you make your way out of the pen (approach the door, following the on-screen prompt to open it). Then, grab a toy out of your toy chest and wait around for dad to come back. When he does, he shows you a favorite excerpt from the bible of your deceased mother (who died when you were born) and walks out of the room. Follow him.

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