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Region: Canterbury Commons character breakdown

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Region: Canterbury Commons

Derek Pacion: Derek Pacion is a 15-year old kid with a red baseball cap. He walks up and down the road in Canterbury Commons in 2277.

Derek is small for a 15-year old and a quiet and morose child. His parents were killed in separate raider attacks six and three years ago. After these attacks Derek was raised by Uncle Roe. Derek works around town as a general assistant.

Derek is small for a 15-year old and a quiet and morose child. His parents were killed in separate raider attacks six and three years ago. After these attacks Derek was raised by Uncle Roe. Derek works around town as a general assistant.

Asking him about the Mechanist and AntAgonizer will reveal that Joe Porter knows the AntAgonizer’s real name. This information can be used in a speech check to get the AntAgonizer to peacefully surrender her costume. If the player finishes the quest, he will complain about how boring it is in Canterbury Commons

It is possible to pickpocket him. He is carrying a copy of Grognak the Barbarian and a Front Gate Key, which unlocks the front gate to the Republic of Dave.

A conversation he has with Joe Porter hints that he has a crush on Machete, but is hesitant to talk to her about it. If all of Canterbury Commons is murdered by random encounter creatures, the reward for the quest is given by Derek who, like all children in Fallout 3, cannot die.

Derek will suggest different superhero identities for the player depending on your stats. He will suggest ‘Super-Humongous’ for characters with high strength or endurance, this may be a reference to Lord Humongous from the 2nd Mad Max movie, ‘Awesome-Claw’ for characters with high agility or charisma, ‘The Brilliant Shadow’ for characters with high perception or intelligence, and ‘Incredibly Lucky Guy/Girl’ for characters with high luck. If your character has no high stats, he’ll say you wouldn’t make a good superhero.

Dominic D’Ellsadro: Dominic D’Ellsadro is the 40-year old law enforcement in Canterbury Commons in the year 2277.

After too many near-death experiences as a leader of a band of mercenaries he retired and became the security officer of Canterbury Commons around 2267. His natural leadership has made him a respected member of the community.

He is a very strong character and a worthy opponent. As evident by his skill and in battle, he is a former mercenary. Unlike his colleague Machete, who he treats like a daughter, he is relatively friendly towards visitors to the town.

Dominic is on friendly terms with the people living in Canterbury Commons. Although not related by blood, he treats Machete like a daughter.

During the day Dominic D’Ellsadro can be found patrolling the streets of Canterbury Commons or eating at the diner of the town. At night he sleeps at Dominic and Machete’s House at the end of the main street.

The player can talk to Dominic about the Superheroes bothering the inhabitants of the town.

He can be tricked into following you into the AntAgonizer’s lair and fighting for you, but it can be very risky. Also, he will probably die if you don’t help him fend off the ants.

  • Dominic can be heard talking with Machete, ordering her to be nicer to the visitors, with the threat that he will tell everyone about her crush on Derek, the little boy in the town if she doesn’t change her attitude.

Joe Porter: Joe Porter is a merchant in Canterbury Commons in 2277.

Joe Porter is 28 years old.

He owns the diner In town, and from the comments of Roe; “I’m not sure who Dot was, but I’m sure Joe’s cooking would make her proud”, he seems to be good at what he does.

With Point Lookout installed, he will have Punga Fruit in his menu

He runs the store inside the broken down diner. He has a limited supply of random items and a large stockpile of Stimpaks. The player obtains a bottle of Dirty Water when they talk to him for the first time.

Porter can reveal the AntAgonizer’s real name, which is used to peacefully convince the AntAgonizer to give up her ways and cease attacking the town.

Machete: Machete is a 19-year old junior law enforcer in Canterbury Commons. She shares a place with Dominic D’Ellsadro, the town’s senior law enforcer.

With a high enough Perception, it is possible to learn that she grew up in Little Lamplight and decided to pass on going to the “cushy” Big Town.

  • When asking her if she’s from Little Lamplight, she says she earned her nickname from fending off a giant Mole rat with a knife as big as her arm.
  • Machete can be heard talking with Dominic D’Ellsadro, who threatens her to be nicer to the visitors or he will tell everyone about her crush on Derek.
  • Unlike her colleague Dominic D’Ellsadro, Machete is very rude when spoken to, and will threaten to kill you if you step out of line.
  • When talking to her, and then saying “Goodbye” her tone changes slightly.

Tanya Christoff: Tanya Christoff AKA the AntAgonizer is a 27-year old quest character in Fallout 3 located in the town of Canterbury Commons in 2277. She possesses control over giant ants and is fighting her nemesis, the Mechanist. She is dressed in an ant costume, comically emulating a supervillainess.

Talking to Joe Porter reveals that her name is Tanya Christoff and also reveals her background.

Her family was killed by ants when she was young, and she has since taken on the belief that ants are superior to humans, citing their instinctual willingness to work together to accomplish goals unlike humans’ desire to kill one another through warfare.

A terminal in Hubris Comics contains a letter to the editor that mentions the AntAgonizer as one of Grognak the Barbarian’s villains. The letter expresses sadness as the villain was “never developed fully”. The AntAgonizer’s background story matches the comic book and she was to appear in Grognak and the Ants of Agony, but the comic was thrown out due to bad writing.

Uncle Roe offers a quest to stop the AntAgonizer’s battle with the Mechanist.

Wrath of the Antagonizer

If you side with the AntAgonizer during The Superhuman Gambit, there is a random encounter later on in which you find the AntAgonizer and a group of her ants attacking a group of Wastelanders. The AntAgonizer is neutral towards you, but will turn hostile if you attack her ants. If you convince the AntAgonizer to give up her superhuman identity, she may be seen wandering the Wasteland near Megaton without her AntAgonizer costume.

  • If you help the Antagonizer during this quest, she can be found wandering the wasteland with her ants, thus allowing you to obtain both costumes. But she will be very hard to find. Alternatively, kill all the ants in the AntAgonizers lair, then visit the Robot Repair center. Convince the Mechanist that he is being a worse problem than the AntAgonizer ever was alone, then go back to the AntAgonizers lair. she will still be sitting on her “throne”.
  • You can obtain her costume through speech with the Lady Killer perk.
  • It is possible to get 3 copies of her costume via exploits/glitches, look at Fallout 3 bugs for instructions on how to do this.
  • You can simply kill her the first time you meet her when she is fighting the ants, you will get 400 caps from the mayor.
  • Human flesh is found on her corpse

Scott Wollinski: Scott Wollinski AKA The Mechanist is a 40-year old man that controls various robots. He is fighting his nemesis, the AntAgonizer in the town of Canterbury Commons and is dressed in the Mechanist’s Costume a robot styled suit.

The Mechanist, whose real name is Scott Wollinski, used to be a mechanic in Canterbury Commons.In the town of Canterbury Commons where the Mechanist will most likely be first seen, he is considered a joke by those who live there. According to Derek, he decided to build his costume after the AntAgonizer killed his favorite robot. He soon became known as “The Mechanist” and continued to feud with the AntAgonizer.

After being seen in Canterbury Commons, the Mechanist immediately heads to the Robot Repair Center and hides away to plan his next attack on the AntAgonizer. If you wander through his factory and find his forge (be careful since there are strong sentry bots that can kill you on the way) you will most likely end up in a room with only a few filing cabinets, computers, and a coffee maker. Do not be mistaken, the Mechanist is within the room. His coffee maker is actually a secret switch that reveals his true hideout when activated. After telling him that you’ll try and convince the AntAgonizer to stop the feud he’ll then disappear after killing the AntAgonizer, not allowing you to get the rare energy weapon.

Alternatively, if you have a Lockpick skill of 75 or higher, you can pick the lock of the elevator located just near the entrance of the Robot Repair Center to gain easy access to the Mechanist’s hideout.

If you help him kill the AntAgonizer and then hand him her suit, you will get the Protectron’s Gaze and lose some Karma. He then turns to leave and can be killed with no further Karma penalty, netting both the AntAgonizer’s Costume and The Mechanist’s Costume. Alternatively, with the Child at Heart or Black Widow perk, the player can convince The Mechanist that his actions are hurting the townspeople, specifically mentioning Derek Pacion (for Child at Heart). The Mechanist will rethink his actions and will not only allow the player to keep the AntAgonizer’s Costume, but will also give them The Mechanist’s Costume, resulting in positive karma.

Note: If you enter his forge while wearing AntAgonizer’s Costume, the Mechanist will attack you outright.

If you kill the Mechanist or convince him to give up and then go talk to the AntAgonizer, you can give the AntAgonizer The Mechanist’s Costume and receive the Ant’s Sting.

Alternately, if you kill the AntAgonizer or convince her to give up the act before visiting The Mechanist, you can give The Mechanist the AntAgonizer’s Costume in exchange for Protectron’s Gaze as well (you will receive negative karma). Then he will leave the town and you’ll never see him again (you can follow him but he will probably be killed)

  • The Mechanist’s Forge can be used as Fallout 3 player housing, and has a “Free Bed”, a Workbench and storage.
  • You can keep both sets of Armor and Protectron’s Gaze by Reverse-Pickpocketing. First go to and convince the AntAgonizer to give up using Lady Killer, then go to the Mechanist but drop the AntAgonizer’s Costume and Helmet outside the room before talking. He will say his spybots tell him the AntAgonizer is defeated but he needs the armor. Go back outside the room and pickup only the AntAgonizer’s Costume; he doesn’t require the helmet so he will dupe one! Using a Stealth Boy Sneak and give him both a Combat Helmet and Combat Armor, leave the building and go back in so he can change. While still stealthed tell the Mechanist he can have the costume but to “move on and leave Canterbury alone”. As he walks away sneak up to him and take both sets of armor from his inventory, don’t forget to pickup the extra helmet! Note you will take a karma hit both times as normal when pickpocketing. Also, when giving AntAgonizer’s Costume you can tell him to move on and leave Canterbury alone and he will start walking, just do the same as above fast and you will get 2 AntAgonizer Helmets.
  • Due most likely to a level-building oversight, the Mechanist is surprisingly not allied with the robots in his Robot Repair Center, and will fight them (and most likely be killed by them) if he ever crosses path with one.
  • After you deal with the Mechanist, either by giving him the AntAgonizer’s costume or convincing him to retire, he’ll leave the Robot Repair Center and walk out into the Wastes. He’ll simply disappear from the map if he gets too far away from you. If you follow him closely, you’ll find he travels to Friendship Heights Metro Station, which he takes to Farragut West Metro Station. He finally stops at the bottom of the stairs at the Farragut West Metro Station surface entrance (North of the Anchorage Memorial), where he will remain until you leave the area, at which point he disappears.
  • In this editors game he just went to the secret entrance of the AntAgonizer’s Lair and stopped there.
  • Female characters with the Black Widow perk can choose an additional dialogue option to acquire the Mechanist’s Costume peacefully. Male characters can use the Child at Heart perk instead.
  • It is possible to take both ‘super-hero’ costumes and the protectrons gaze (not tested with Ant’s sting). First, convince AntAgonizer to leave and give up her costume. Second, go to the Mechanist and give him the costume. He will then give you the protectrons gaze. Finally, kill the Mechanist as he is walking away and loot his corpse for the costumes. He may also have a ranodm weapon in his possession. The was no karma loss for killing him.
  • Word of Caution, Do not wear AntAgonizer’s Costume even after convincing Mechanist to give up, then talking to him, he will attack you.
  • If you wear the mechanists costume and speak to Moira Brown on the last chapter of the book about the robot technology, you have the option to say something like no job is too hard for… the Mechanist!
  • The opening of the multiple doors after activating his coffee pot appears to be a reference to Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • The Mechanist has a harder speech check than the Antagonizer.

Ernest Roe: Ernest “Uncle” Roe is the old mayor of Canterbury Commons in 2277.Roe was born in 2238.

He founded the town of Canterbury Commons together with his sister, Daisy, and since then he has been the town’s mayor and caravan manager. When his nephew Derek’s parents were killed in a raider attack Roe took him in and raised him.

  • If you kill the AntAgonizer or the Mechanist, he will thank you before any other dialogue. (confirmed PS3, XBOX 360).
  • It is possible for a Yao Guai to Wander in Canterbury Commons and kill Roe.

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