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Region: Large Town character breakdown

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Region: Big Town

Bittercup: Bittercup is one of the citizens of Big Town in the year 2277.

It is revealed that through the course of her life she has been involved with all of the men in Big Town. Her first boyfriend was Pappy, who she left upon arriving in Big Town believing he was a liar. She then went on to date every man in town, including Timebomb, who has no recollection of the relationship.

When the Player first meets Bittercup, she will tell you that Red had been captured by Super Mutants and was taken to Germantown Police HQ along with Shorty. After the quest the PC can flirt with Bittercup and if she likes you she will search the wasteland and give you random bits of loot.

Regardless of your character’s gender, if you flirt with Bittercup successfully she will declare you her next love interest.

If you become Bittercup’s next lover, she’ll give you things she finds in the wasteland. You can return to her once every 13 hours for a random present such as Squirrel-on-a-Stick, a Stimpak, Blood Pack or Nuka-Cola, sometimes even Shotgun Shells or 5.56mm Rounds.

***If you become Bittercup’s next lover, she’ll give you things she finds in the wasteland. You can return to her once every 13 hours for a random present such as Squirrel-on-a-Stick, a Stimpak, Blood Pack or Nuka-Cola, sometimes even Shotgun Shells or 5.56mm Rounds.***

Dusty: Dusty is the watchman in Big Town in the year 2277, who can, for the most part, be found sitting on the chair overlooking the bridge – the only way into Big Town.

He, like all the other Big Towners originates from Little Lamplight.

When first entering Big Town he will ask the player who you are and you’ll have to talk your way out. He then pessimistically tells the player about the constant attacks by Super Mutants and Slavers.

  • He seems shocked by the position that he and the other residents are currently in.
  • When asked about moving away and abandoning Big Town, he simply responds, “Megaton won’t take us, and Rivet city is too damn far away.”
  • It is unknown where he retrieved the security helmet he wears.

Flash: Flash is one of the citizens of Big Town in 2277.

Flash is overconfident and filled with thoughtless bravado. Unfortunately, he has only limited skills to back this up. Flash however does not care and is enthusiastic about any fracases to come.

Flash is friends with the people at Big Town and is at a good standing with them. Flash was in a relationship with Bittercup for some time. He claims he believed a girl like her would be, “you know, more adventurous.” However she only talked about how much she hated everyone and how dark her clothes were. According to Flash, “A guy can only take so much of that before he snaps.” Flash has some sympathy for Pappy, who was also a former boyfriend of Bittercup, stating that he got the worst of it and appeared to become more depressed after their separation.

Flash hangs around Big Town doing what he can for the day.

He asks the player to go alleviate the hostage crisis, which sends the player to the Germantown Police HQ. He continually boasts about his “kick-ass gun,” although it is not unique, and just a standard .32 Pistol.

If the player threatens him he’ll say, “Hey buddy, suck my brahmin meat. We’re all super mutants here.” If the player continues threatening him he’ll say, “Hey, take it easy, I was only joking. None of us have any real experience with guns.”

Also when the player first talks to him when starting the quest “Big Trouble in Big Town” there is a choice where the player can kill him. Beware, if the player chooses this the whole town will become hostile towards the player.

Kimba: Kimba is one of Big Town’s few surviving residents in 2277.

She’s a tired and scared woman, and like all the people in Big Town, used to live in Little Lamplight.

If inquired by the player, she tells about how she, Red, Pappy, and Flash used to play together when she was younger.

Red: Red is the only doctor and merchant residing in Big Town in the year 2277.

Red moved to Big Town when she became too old to stay in Little Lamplight.

Big Town has been under attack from Super Mutants who captured her, so she will not be around at first. To retrieve her and the other survivor, Shorty (in order to complete Big Trouble in Big Town), you must travel to the Germantown police headquarters where she is imprisoned.

Once freed from the super mutants, Red will resume selling medical supplies in Big Town.

Once rescued you can escort her back to town. To escort her the fastest way possible, fast travel to Big Town. If you ask for a reward she may give you up to 300 caps. You can get 200 more if your Speech skill is high enough, but you will lose karma. At this point she will tell you that another Super Mutant attack is coming. You can choose to return the extra caps or help them with the other options that are presented. If your Science skill is high enough you can show them how to defend the town by fixing the junk robots they have in their scrapyard. You can also use your Small Guns skill to teach them to shoot, your Sneak skill to teach them to hide, or your Explosives skill to teach them how to plant mines. After you show them how to defend themselves they will use that skill against Slaver and Super Mutant attacks.

She is one of the targets for enslavement that Eulogy puts a special bounty on. However, if you enslave Red before she returns to Big Town, you will not be able to finish the Big Trouble in Big Town quest because one of the objectives is “escort Red back to Big Town.” The only way to finish the quest then is if you break into the slave pens in Paradise Falls and either kill her or take the Slave Collar off of her if your Explosives skill is high enough.

Some players may choose to keep Red as a follower before finally taking her to Big Town (or Paradise Falls, alternatively). While Red has marginally more health than most standard human NPCs and can be given better armor to help keep her alive, she does not have any combat skills, and the only reason worth the trouble of keeping her safe would be carrying equipment. Due to her low HP and lack of healing, she will eventually become very fragile, at which point it is best to bring her home.

You will not have the dialogue option to retrieve any items given to Red once the two of you reach Big Town. You will have to pickpocket or kill her, so be sure to get your things back before entering the town. Red will use aid items (Stimpaks) if given any, but only during combat. She will not, however, automatically heal after combat, and she doesn’t often use her Stimpaks, even when severely injured.

  • There are mines in the police station which will kill her unless you deal with them. This can be particularly troublesome with the Light Step perk.
  • She can be mezzed.

Shorty: Shorty is one of the residents of Big Town in 2277.

Shorty grew up in Little Lamplight, where he received his nickname from fellow residents due to his short temper (Short-T.) The Lone Wanderer first came across Shorty in the basement kitchen of Germantown Police Station, where he was being held captive, soon to become a Super Mutant meal.

Big Trouble in Big Town

During the Big Trouble in Big Town quest, Shorty can be found in the basement of the Police HQ in Germantown, and must either die or be rescued (or remain undiscovered by the player) to successfully complete the side quest. Shorty is obviously traumatized by the events he witnessed during his stay, including the slaughter of his less fortunate fellow humans. Shorty is originally tremendously inept both combat and protection wise. Shorty can don equipment taken from the player and his surroundings for additional protection. Upon returning to Big Town, Shorty thanks the Lone Wanderer and continues about his daily business.

You will not have the dialogue option to retrieve any items given to Shorty once the two of you reach Big Town. You will have to pickpocket or kill him, so be sure to get your things back before entering the town.

Shorty can be enslaved with the Mesmetron.

  • As opposed to Red who can do little beyond being a pack mule, Shorty can defend himself adequately if properly equipped, and can be a valuable (yet free) companion early in the game. Despite this, his usefulness in combat is still very limited compared to a “real” party member like Jericho. Due to his relatively low HP and lack of healing, he will eventually die, or at least be crippled in all possible places.
  • Shorty’s name is rather appropriate because he is probably one of the shortest non-child NPCs in the game.

Timebomb: Timebomb is a badly injured man inside Red’s Clinic in Big Town in the year 2277.

Timebomb, like every other person in Big Town, came from Little Lamplight. If the player speaks to Bittercup, she will say she had a relationship with Timebomb. If you speak to Timebomb about this, he will have no recollection of it, implying she may have “had a relationship” with him while he was unconscious and alluding to Bittercup’s fascination with death.

If your Medicine skill is more than 40 you can heal Timebomb, netting you 5 caps if your Speech skill is high enough. You also may acquire his Lucky 8 Ball if Timebomb survives the quest Big Trouble in Big Town.

If you choose to heal Timebomb you will receive some good karma. If you pass a Speech challenge, Timebomb will also give you 5 caps in return. Timebomb is rather weak (possibly due to his wounds) and although he is brave enough to fight unarmed, he will easily be killed by Super Mutants or Slavers unless you give them something else to pay attention to.

If the player chooses the option to “put him out of his misery”, a message will say “You coldly open an artery. Even to a skilled surgeon it will appear as if Timebomb died as a result of his wounds. You bastard.” You will receive bad karma and can loot the body (and devour it, if you have the Cannibal perk).

Sometimes, when you say goodbye to him, he will say he likes you.

  • If you save the town from Super Mutants before you heal him, he will sometimes yell “Hurrah!” and clap his hands, and then return to his state of unconsciousness.

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