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Region: Chevrolet Chase character breakdown

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Region: Chevy Chase

Initiate Jennings: is a fallen initiate within the Lyons’ Pride of the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel.

During the main quest Following in His Footsteps you emerge from the Chevy Chase North metro station, are surprised by 2 Super Mutants, who are then engaged by Sarah Lyons, Paladin Vargas, and his charge Initiate Reddin. After the 2 Super Mutants are dispatched, you move with the Lyons’ Pride members down an alley. At a corner you see Knight Captain Colvinfiring on some Super Mutants. Initiate Jennings is already dead, on a mattress on the ground next to Colvin, still armed with a Laser Pistol and wearing his Power Armor, but with his Power Helmet off and beside him. Several clips of Energy Cells can be found next to his head.

  • If you resurrect Jennings through console commands on the PC he will proceed to Rivet City’s Market and when you speak to him he will say “Hello” and the only thing you can say to him is “I have to go now” were he will end the conversation with “Goodbye”.

Initiate Reddin: is an initiate with the elite Lyons’ Pride, having Paladin Vargas as her tutor. She dies when a Super Mutant Behemoth ambushed the Brotherhood of Steel at GNR. Before the battle, Sarah Lyons mentions that she is a local who joined the Brotherhood, and seems to imply she isn’t the best trooper, due to her arrogance.

During the quest Following in His Footsteps she will wander to the end of the Galaxy News Radio Plaza after the battle with the initial force of Super Mutants is over. The explosion of the barrier that heralds the arrival of the Super Mutant Behemoth kills her instantly. The concussive force of the explosion can make her body challenging to locate after the Behemoth battle, since her body is launched several meters from her original position. There seems to be no way to save Reddin, due to the scripted nature of the scene.

After the Behemoth battle, Sarah Lyons tells Paladin Vargas that she will tell the Brotherhood of Reddin’s courage and she will now be known as Paladin Reddin.

In the Citadel, the player can access terminals informing of Reddin’s funeral cancellation, hypothetically, due to the failure to retrieve her body, though it is more likely that the service was canceled due to the sudden reappearance of the Enclave.

Another possibility, as the same computer suggests, is that the increase in Super Mutant activity will delay any funeral proceedings. However, her body never disappears, and will stay forever in front of GNR building, where she died.

Knight Captain Colvin: is a Brotherhood of Steel member inside the Galaxy News Radio building in 2277.

A sniper in Lyons’ Pride, Colvin is 40, friendly, and warm to everyone; he has priest-like tendencies. To him, combat is like worship, and he treats his rifle as a holy object and his targets as the unfortunate victims of his god’s wrath. He says a prayer for the soul of each mutant he kills. He’s extremely experienced, and completely unflappable: all according to God’s will.

Colvin is a member of the Lyons’ Pride, which he considers his family.

Colvin has few dialog options, however he can be talked to. When speaking with Colvin, the player might find out that there is a slight competition with Knight Captain Dusk over who is the better shot.

After the player completes the Following in His Footsteps quest he returns to the Citadel.

  • Aside from his initial appearance outside GNR, he appears in no subsequent quests or side missions, even those involving other Pride members.
  • Of all the Lyons Pride members, Colvin is the nicest to the player character upon first meeting them.

Paladin Vargas: is a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin patrolling the lobby of the Galaxy News Radio building. He is wearing Lyons’ Pride Power ArmorRecon Armor Helmet and carries an AER9 Laser Rifle. After completing the Following in His Footsteps quest he can be seen patrolling the Citadel.

Vargas appears to be unkillable during the GNR Plaza firefight but is killable in the final mission Take It Back. Vargas has been found dead in front of the Citadel at the start of Take it Back, as Liberty Prime will not move forward without Lyon’s Pride assembled this will prevent the quest from being finished. To fix this, one must move Vargas’s body to the base of primes feet.

The sergeant of Lyons’ Pride, Vargas is 30, and a no-nonsense, professional type. He is Sarah ‘s right hand man; she relies on him for his experience and advice, and he supports her and mentors her. There is a very close but mostly unspoken friendship between them.

  • If you skip the Galaxy News Radio part of the main quest and go directly to Rivet City to talk to Dr. Li, and continue from there with the rest of the main quest, Paladin Vargas will be marked essential during Take it Back!.
  • Vargas vanishes after Take it Back!.

Sentinel Sarah Lyons: is a Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel member and the commander of the Lyons’ Pride in 2277. She is the daughter of Brotherhood Elder Owyn Lyons.

Sarah Lyons was born in 2247 in the Brotherhood of Steel‘s Lost Hills bunker in California.

Some time after the Chosen One stopped the Enclave on the West Coast, the Brotherhood of Steel ruling council decided to send a contingent of soldiers to the East Coast with a mandate to recover any and all advanced technology from Washington D.C. and to investigate the reports of super mutant activity in the area.

And so a small but hardened contingent of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, led by an idealistic Paladin named Owyn Lyons (and accompanied by his eight-year-old daughter Sarah, as well as his friend and technological adviser Scribe Rothchild) set out from the Lost Hills Bunker in California. This started the long trek east to what was once Washington D.C.

A permanent base known as the Citadel was built into and beneath the ruins of the Pentagon. Owyn Lyons (now Elder of the Capital Wasteland division of the Brotherhood) and his soldiers also found the super mutants in the urban ruins of downtown D.C. and helped stop the mutant tide from overtaking the entire region by at least keeping them at bay.

In 2277, Elder Lyons’ daughter Sarah is now a grown woman, but she is still one of the Brotherhood’s fiercest warriors, if not the fiercest. In fact, she’s the only member to have achieved the illustrious rank of Sentinel, and now commands her own elite squad, Lyons’ Pride.

She is the daughter of Elder Owyn Lyons. She also has taught Squire Maxson to shoot, and kill a man by stabbing him in his kidneys, as read on his terminal. Squire Maxon apparently developed a crush on her afterward.

During Following in His Footsteps, she can be found at the Galaxy News Radio building. After The Waters of Life she can be found inside the Citadel (up until Take it Back!). After the completion of Broken Steel, she can be found patrolling the Citadel.

  • If you decide to destroy the Citadel she will turn hostile towards you and she will no longer be an essential.

The Lone Wanderer first encounters Sarah when pursuing their father for the main quest, Following in His Footsteps. After the long trek through the DC tunnels to make it to the Galaxy News Radio station in order to question Three Dog, Sarah and her squad happen to be in a firefight. This occurs just as the PC emerges from the appropriate subway. After a short, furious battle, Sarah questions the PC of their motives, and, after hearing them out, warns to be more careful, as the Super Mutant activity is strong in that particular area. She then offers to take the PC along to the GNR studios since they were making their way there. Upon reaching GNR studios, the PC is forced to aid Lyons and her squad against a Super Mutant Behemoth.

After completing several other quests to increase his experience and fame within the Capital Wasteland, the Lone Wanderer, as he’s now known by Three Dog (and it’s assumed most of the other inhabitants of the Wasteland), returns to the Citadel. Here they find the gigantic robot known as Liberty Prime ready for action, as well as Lyons’ Pride. Sarah, watched over by her father, Elder Lyons (he’s absent if you speak to Sarah sometime after you talk to her first, and she tells you to get ready for combat), after inducting the Wanderer into the Pride, briefs you all on the mission to come.

Sarah personally accompanies the Wanderer into the Jefferson Memorial Rotunda for the final confrontation with the Enclave’s second in command Colonel Autumn and his handful of personal guards. After either dispatching or dismissing Colonel Autumn in the Jefferson Memorial Rotunda, the Wanderer and Lyons receive a message from Doctor Li of Project Purity, saying there has been significant damage to the Purifier, which sets it on an implied countdown to destruction. This situation mandates the immediate activation of the Purifier to release the buildup of pressure. Unfortunately, due to the Wanderer’s father’s previous actions to prevent the Purifier from falling into the hands of the Enclave, the Purifier Chamber is still flooded with massive amounts of radiation, and whoever enters the Chamber is certain to die. Based on the Wanderer’s choice, Sarah Lyons will:

  • Watch the Wanderer’s selfless act of sacrifice in choosing to enter the chamber and mourn his/her inevitable demise (unless Broken Steel is installed).
  • Enter the chamber herself, sacrificing herself in place of the Wanderer.
  • Wait until the Purifier explodes.

After Broken Steel she reacts to the player differently. If you destroy the Enclave mobile platform she will compliment you, but if you destroy the citadel, she will turn hostile.

Broken Steel

  • If the player activates the purifier himself/herself, or uses FawkesSergeant RL-3, or Charon to start it; it is revealed that an energy spike knocked both of you out. Two weeks later after you wake up, she’s still in a coma, “unresponsive but stable”. After the player escapes from the mobile base in Who Dares Wins, Sarah Lyons will appear again and pick you up in a Vertibird, taking you back to the Citadel. Afterwards, she can be found wandering around the Citadel. She is paler than her previous appearance, which some believe may have to do with the radiation.
  • If Lyons activates the purifier, she was killed by the radiation and doesn’t appear.
  • If you betray the Brotherhood and launch the orbital strike on the Citadel instead, she and the other Brotherhood members who picked you up will attack you in a fury, calling you a traitor. It is possible then to kill her, as she will no longer be an essential NPC.
  • At the end of Broken Steel (if you chose the Good Karma path) you can talk to Sarah Lyons after the speech and depending on what you say, she may hint at possibly having a more personal relationship with you “if things were different”.
  • Although her stats are normally on par with a normal Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, during the final quest Take it Back her health is increased to 505, giving her extremely high durability on par with Star Paladin Cross while she fights alongside the player during the game’s final battle. Additionally, as a plot-critical NPC, she cannot be killed by the player or other characters during the course of the game, merely knocked unconscious.
  • She will comment if the player is wearing Power Armor when fighting the Behemoth in the GNR plaza, saying he/she can wear it for helping them defeat it (while worn by glitching, NoClipping, or completing the “Operation Anchorage” simulation before doing this quest).
  • After you destroy the Enclave at the end of Broken Steel, the first thing she will say to you afterwards is, “Remember when I first met you at Chevy Chase?”, even if the Lone Wanderer never did Galaxy News Radio.

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